Dutch tax office loses appeal on taxing online poker players.

By RP, January 9, 2019

According to Dutch.nl, scores of online poker players have won an appeal in a class action against the Dutch Tax Office Belastingdienst who claimed online poker players winnings on PokerStars.eu were taxable at 29 percent as the company was established on the Isle of Man.

The class action rebutted that PokerStars.eu was established in Malta, a European Union member and therefore its players were exempt from paying tax.

Of the 75 to 100 poker players represented by legal practitioner Pepijn le Heux, some had received tax demands of over Euro 500,000 the appellate court was told.

The appellate court ruled those players who had already settled tax claims with the Belastingdienst could use Tuesday’s ruling to claim back those funds.

Belastingdienst has six weeks to launch an appeal in the Supreme Court.