Evenbet Gaming’s Open Face Chinese Poker gaining traction.

By RP, October 21, 2016

Open Face Chinese Poker online games provider EvenBet has reported that its Open Face Chinese Poker product is gaining traction with games recently integrated for desktop action at the Malta-licensed operational site Poker Grant.

The operator has launched the real money OFC tables with $0.02-$0.10 point limits available in the downloadable desktop application for Windows and OS X. Each table has three sits and a fixed limit pot.

“OFC poker is gaining popularity over the last few years. Five or six years ago, it was exotic; now it is played at the major poker tournaments and has its own World Championship. We are sure it is not a fast fashion but a long-term trend, and the interest to Chinese poker games will grow over time,” said Dmitry Starostenkov, EvenBet Gaming CEO, in announcing the launch of the Poker Grant suite.

The list of the cash games now includes three OFC Pineapple variations, which are more dynamic when compared to common OFC poker.

“For a several years, EvenBet Gaming has been running different types of Chinese and Open Face Chinese poker games in its free social apps. Pineapple OFC poker has proved to be extremely interesting for cash players who used to play fast cash games like Texas Hold’em. Classic OFC poker is good for tournaments, but the cash games seem to be long for most players. Pineapple OFC runs faster, and it’s very important,” Ekaterina Giganova, EvenBet Gaming marketing manager, added.