Great life for poker supergrass Tzvetkoff.

By RP, November 1, 2013

Daniel Tzvetkoff, the thirty-year-old Australian poker payment processing wunderkind who is widely thought to be the US federal informant that did so much to bring about Black Friday, is reportedly enjoying the good life in Asia and Australia.

Following his arrest whilst attending a Las Vegas conference three years ago (see previous reports), Tzvetkoff reportedly turned US federal informer, helping American enforcement agencies to track down and disable online poker payment processors and operators.

He was reportedly placed in a witness protection program, and various sightings of the bankrupt entrepreneur have surfaced from time to time.

However, it appears from a report in The Australian newspaper Friday that Tzvetkoff’s bankrupt status is not cramping his style too much; the newspaper reports that he and his wife Nicole have been spotted this year on the Gold Coast and that he even posted pictures on Facebook of himself and his wife frolicking on a beach in a southeast Asian resort where he stayed for several months.

The Australian notes that Tzvetkoff was discharged as a bankrupt in February this year after failing to pay a cent to any of his creditors, including the tax office, to whom he personally owed $143 million!