Last hurdle to Portuguese poker liquidity project cleared.

By RP, February 20, 2018

Portuguese online poker fans could soon be joining those of France and Spain in a shared player project that has been in development for years following an agreement to share players by France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

France and Spain has already implemented their side of the agreement, with PokerStars the first operator into the new market, whilst Portugal has been slower to set up the legislation on technical standards and Italy has been similarly tardy but also faced political opposition to the project.

It is understood that in both Portugal and Italy progress has been made and participation in the shared player pool is still very much on the cards. In Portugal’s case, the technical standards hurdle was cleared last week, according to the Government Gazette Regulation 115/2018.

No further regulatory requirements need to be met, and Portugal could soon become the third nation to join the player pool.