New study on Californian online poker released.

By RP, May 23, 2014

Independent research company Capitol Matrix has released the results of a survey that could give politicians considering the legalisation of online poker in California a positive outlook on the prospects; the company estimates that a legalised intrastate market could generate $845 million in state tax from overall revenues of $1.91 billion…and has the potential to create over 2,500 jobs over the next five years.

Mike Genest, a partner in the research company, said Friday: “Legalising internet poker will increase California’s total economic output by more than $300 million and add more than 1,900 jobs in the first year alone

“Our estimate is based in part on our review of previous estimates of proposals to legalise internet poker and in part on new data provided by industry experts that take into account the changes in the illegal internet poker market since ‘Black Friday’.”