Partypoker confirms collusion in mtt tournaments.

By RP, November 1, 2017

Online poker provider PartyPoker has confirmed that it has acted against a group on players accused of colluding in MTT tournaments by an experienced punter. The punter – nom de plume DukeofSuffolk – has also exposed the scam on the popular 2plus2 poker forum in addition to reporting the issue to the PartyPoker security team.

PartyPoker md Tom Waters has confirmed that the DukeofSuffolk allegations have been investigated and confirmed, leading to bans on the players concerned and new arrangements to make reporting such incidents easier through a direct email channel to a dedicated PartyPoker security team that will immediately interrogate such reports.

The address is

Waters emphasised that PartyPoker has “…sophisticated fraud control mechanisms in place that are continually being updated to counter new and more advanced fraudulent techniques.”

He said that in addition the company has assembled a group of experienced players in order to review hand histories in difficult cases and make fair and impartial decisions.

Interestingly, Waters revealed that the vast majority of collusion accusations turn out to be false after investigation, but he indicated that the next few months will see the company implementing some new “highly advanced detection techniques” that have been designed and built in consultation with expert players.