Pokerstars exploring AI possibilities.

By RP, October 11, 2017

Online poker provider PokerStars is reportedly recruiting artificial intelligence (AI) specialists in an effort to create a “fully flexible” AI agent.

Personnel ads flighted by the company indicate that it is planning to create a number of different programs using artificial intelligence “which will learn how to play” poker and possibly other games, and could form the foundation for new PokerStars products.

The company is looking for suitably qualified and experienced specialists to work at various research engineering levels in the London and Dublin offices of the provider, offering the opportunity for applicants to rise to the challenge of researching novel applications for AI, and helping create new high end products with AI elements.

Successful applicants will be deployed in the company’s poker innovation team, distinct from the gaming integrity team that investigates and fights the use of assistive software which PokerStars has banned from use on its sites.