Pokerstars falls short on new online poker record attempt.

By RP, February 25, 2014

The world’s biggest online poker operator, Pokerstars, suffered an uncharacteristic setback in its attempt over the weekend to break the record for most online poker players simultaneously in action on its website.

The weekend’s attempt on its own Guinness Word Record of 225,000 fell short by over 13,000 players on Sunday, when a nevertheless impressive 211,619 poker fans ponied up $1 each to be part of what was intended to be a milestone event, shattering the previous record set in June 2013 (see previous reports).

The cap of 230,000 imposed on registrations by the online poker giant was nowhere near challenged by the turnout, good as it was.

After four hours of hectic action the magic cashing barrier of 60,000 was breached, distributing prizes of various value to just under a third of registrants.

Sunday’s winner, Dal2009, played from Germany and won a useful $25,000.