Texas rep. continues to push for a federal online poker solution.

By RP, November 25, 2013

Attacks on internet gambling by land casino baron Sheldon Adelson, and the launch of another individual state online gambling market in New Jersey have done nothing to discourage Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton, who this week re-emphasised to The Hill blog that he remains committed to achieving federal regulation and licensing of online poker only in the United States.

Barton’s Internet Poker Freedom Act was introduced mid-2013, and has made little progress, but the Texas Republican says that it is still the most efficient and logical solution, and that the independent legalisation moves in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey only serve to underline the importance of a consistent and uniform federal law.

“New Jersey’s is the latest in a growing list of states to enter the online gambling world and this only reinforces the need for my bill,” he said. “Each law is different, which creates uncertainty with a complex array of regulations that could leave players at risk.”

Barton said he will continue to drive his bill forward in Congress, pointing out that the federal standards it creates protect the integrity of online poker and the rights of those who play and have a right to expect a legal, American system that consistently offers a fair and honest game.