Win Cake Poker launches fast fold action.

By RP, November 8, 2013

Win Cake Poker, an online poker site on the Revolution network that changed its branding from Cake Poker in August this year (see previous report) has launched the popular Fast Fold poker variant.

Fast Fold is a quick way to play poker. When a player folds in a Fast Fold ring game he or she is immediately transferred to a new table, facing a new set of opponents and dealt a new hand. Players can choose to play the hand or Fast Fold again to move to another new table.

Fans of the variant say it eliminates waiting time and provides moe hands and more action. Players can multi table up to 3 games within Fast Fold at Win Cake.

Fast Fold ring game tables are available starting at 0.02/.05, for both Hold’em and Omaha enthusiasts.