Poker officially a sport in ukraine

November 16, 2018

Poker in Ukraine could be about to surge following the low-key news that legislators have approved the addition of the game to the national Register of Recognised Sports. InfoPowa readers will recall that terrible tragedy in 2009 when nine Ukrainians were killed in a gambling hall fire, triggering something of a legislative over-reaction that saw […]

Ukrainian lawmakers re-classify poker as a sport

August 27, 2018

Eight years ago, the Ukrainian government’s Justice Department decided that poker was not a sport but in conflict with national gambling law, and removed the popular genre from the national Register of Recognised Sports. The unilateral decision triggered a storm of protest from poker clubs, which formed an alliance and took the case to the […]

Is iPoker Network exiting Russia and Ukraine?

August 23, 2016

Starting August 15, a growing number of Ukrainian players have reported that there are no longer iPoker services available, whilst Russian player reports indicate that “some” iPoker skins have also exited from the Russian market as the regulatory clampdown in that country gathers momentum (see previous  reports). The Ukrainian players claim that they were contacted […]