Ivey and Blom the top nosebleed stakes poker players this week.

By RP, October 10, 2015

Swedish high stakes poker ace Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was riding high on the virtual high stakes poker tables at Pokerstars this week, prospering by $673,881 in almost 14,500 hands over 109 sessions after taking a loss of almost a quarter million dollars in the preceding week.

Blom remains the most successful player this year on Pokerstars with an aggregate profit of $3,477,613, but that has to be considered alongside his aggregate loss on Full Tilt of $1,367,244.

The High Stakes Data Base reports that Blom was once again the most successful player of the week despite tangling with top players.

Some way behind him in the winner stakes was Phil “Raise Once” Ivey, who also staged a comeback to end the week with a profit of $146,002 in 6,262 hands played in 49 sessions.

At the other end of the scale Finnish ace Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies was the week’s biggest loser, paying out $211,215 in 4,909 hands over 58 sessions, closely followed by Jean-Robert “Jacqueline” Bellande on $207,419 in 738 hands spread over 11 sessions.