Poker ace loses UK supreme court appeal

October 25, 2017

US poker ace Phil Ivey has lost his GBP 7.7 million case against Crockfords in a last-ditch appeal to the UK Supreme Court, closing a chapter that started back in 2012 when he was accused of edge sorting in high stakes baccarat games at the Mayfair casino in London. The Supreme Court appeal was the […]

Ivey comments on poker court case ruling

November 4, 2016

Professional poker player Phil Ivey has commented on losing his civil appeal in a GBP 7.7 million winnings confiscation case against Crockford’s Club in London (see previous report). In a statement Thursday Ivey professed he was confused by the finding of the three-judge appeal panel, saying: “This decision makes no sense to me. The trial […]

U.S. poker ace loses London appeal against Crockfords Club

November 3, 2016

US professional poker player Phil Ivey (39) suffered another legal setback this week when he lost his appeal against London’s Crockfords Club for winnings of GBP 7.7 million which were withheld on allegations that he and a companion indulged in “edge-sorting” tactics to cheat the casino. Ivey’s appeal this week dates back to a 2014 […]

Poker pro loses Borgata case

October 22, 2016

Phil Ivey has lost in his four-year legal tussle with the Borgata over baccarat winnings; on Friday a US federal judge ruled that he and a companion violated New Jersey state gambling regulations in the manner in which they won nearly $10 million playing at the Atlantic City casino. U.S. District Court Judge Noel Hillman […]

Ivey and Blom the top nosebleed stakes poker players this week

October 10, 2015

Swedish high stakes poker ace Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was riding high on the virtual high stakes poker tables at Pokerstars this week, prospering by $673,881 in almost 14,500 hands over 109 sessions after taking a loss of almost a quarter million dollars in the preceding week. Blom remains the most successful player this year on […]

Poker ace launched multi million dollar counter action against Borgata

July 24, 2015

In a sequel to the accusation by the Borgata casino that he had cheated to win large amounts of money in 2012 (see previous  reports), poker ace Phil Ivey has launched a $10 million counter-suit. In a filing with a New Jersey court Wednesday, Ivey claimed that Borgata destroyed the cards that were used during […]

Poker pro takes a massive online hit

June 12, 2015

The international high stakes poker pro Phil Ivey, who has apparently thus far eschewed the World Series of Poker this year to play online from Macau at the Pokerstars nosebleed tables, reportedly suffered a massive hit over last weekend. The High Stakes Data Base reports that all told Ivey’s bankroll was diminished by $968,000 after […]

Ivey back on form in high takes online poker

May 16, 2015

Top international poker pro Phil Ivey made an impressive comeback last week from being the biggest loser on the virtual nosebleed tables at Pokerstars and Full Tilt to the biggest weekly winner, taking a profit of $279,782 (1,476 hands in 7 sessions) on Full Tilt and $201,624 (3,293 hands in 12 sessions) on PokerStars, according […]

New role for Phil Ivey

April 10, 2015

International online and land poker star Phil Ivey has an interesting new role…appearing as himself in a new advertising campaign for the Chrysler C300 luxury car. The US-created series is titled “Kings and Queens of America” and features other US movers and shakers like Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian and San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon. […]

Judge rules that Borgata case against Phil Ivey should continue

March 26, 2015

The $9.6 million civil law suit launched against poker pro Phil Ivey by the Borgata Atlantic City is to continue, federal judge Noel L Hillman ruled this week in denying an Ivey request that the case be dismissed. Our readers will recall that the Borgata is suing Ivey for what it claims was card manipulation […]