Poker ace launched multi million dollar counter action against Borgata.

By RP, July 24, 2015

In a sequel to the accusation by the Borgata casino that he had cheated to win large amounts of money in 2012 (see previous  reports), poker ace Phil Ivey has launched a $10 million counter-suit.

In a filing with a New Jersey court Wednesday, Ivey claimed that Borgata destroyed the cards that were used during his 2012 winning sessions, thus denying him critical evidence in defence, and argued that the casino was aware that playing cards have cutting “tolerances” and that Ivey never touched them.

In its $9.6 million original litigation against Ivey, the Borgata accused him of edge-sorting – unfairly exploiting manufacturing defects in the deck of cards that was used during four sessions of baccarat in 2012 to win $9.6 million.

Last year Ivey lost a court battle with the British operator Crockfords Casino over similar edge-sorting allegations involving $12 million. That case is currently the subject of an appeal by Ivey (see previous reports).