Speciale invest backs Indian tech gaming poker startup.

By RP, December 27, 2018

Bangalore-based tech gaming online poker startup Pocket 52 has raised an undisclosed seed fund led by investor group Speciale Invest.

The online poker platform said it had taken a major step in evolving Random Number Generator (RNG) technology with iTech certifying Pocket52 as a cryptographically secure RNG platform.

“Pocket52 is the first company to develop a cryptographically secure RNG, powered by Lava Lamps in India called RNG+,” a press statement reads.

Pocket52 is co-founded by Nitesh Salvi, Saurav Suman, Debashish Bhattacharjee and Satyam Verma, serving as chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief marketing officer and chief technology officer respectively.

“A decade of unsatisfactory experiences inspired him [Salvi] to build a space of his own in the Online Poker Circuit. Nitesh along with the founding team aims to reconstruct the online poker experience with the help of Data & Machine Learning.”

Pocket52 describes their offer as a “whale of a product” with the potential to attract a large user base and foster their sustenance.

Arjun Rao, General Partner at Speciale Invest:

“We’re excited to support Pocket52 in their vision. Their vision is to bring technological innovations to the Indian online gaming sector. Of course, poker is their first game. They have a strong product differentiation around the game-play. Their integrity levels, fairness and high-quality player engagement, strengthen our confidence in them.”

Founder of Speciale Invest, Vishesh Ramraja:

“The growth rate of the Indian online poker gaming industry is very high. It is a land of opportunities. Pocket52 has taken the technological lead in this space and we are happy to be a part of their growth journey.”